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Hey Everyone!!!!
We're happy to let you all know that an Update for 2.0+ for OpenCart. An update for OpenBay Pro is going live today!  (28/08/2015)
Among some minor bug fixes the main points we've updated are as follows
 - EAN Update (This now works on 1.5 versions as well)
 - Parts Compatibility For eBay Motors
 - Global Shipping Program
 - The ability to add a Promotions Shipping Program
 - Click and Pick Up is now available for the UK, Australia and USA customers.
 - Added eBay listing recommendations to the eBay listing edit page. This will return any suggestions eBay has for that listing to improve the item performance.
 - Fixed the layout problem within Bulk Order Update. 
 - Fix duplicate code for Amazon in bulk order update not updating some orders
 - Added support for the click and collect / pickup from store option when listing items. 
 - Single listings and bulk listings support the feature from inside the shipping profile section.
 - Added options for the Global shipping program into the new listing form (under shipping section). Can also be pre-set from in side the shipping profile section. 
 *Users need to enroll to the Global shipping service (UK only) and not all categories will be allowed to use it. Module will hide option where not applicable*.
  - Added support for the merchant to specify if the new listings uses promotional shipping discount rules set in their account when the buyer purchases multiple items.
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