FTP access

FTP stands for File Transfer protocol, it is used to upload or download files on your hosting account. Be VERY CAREFUL changing files - if you make a mistake or accidentally delete files there is no undo button!

Choose an FTP program

We suggest using Filezilla, it's free and very easy to use.

Connecting to the server

To connect to the server you will need your FTP details from your welcome email. These include the server IP, username and also password. Copy these into the relevant fields inside your FTP program (usually in the tool bar). Then press connect.

Uploading / downloading files

On most FTP programs there is a folder system on the left and one on the right - these show your local computer files (left window) and the files on the remote server (right window). Double clicking on a file will upload or download it (it may ask for confirmation to overwrite if the file exists where you are trying to save it to). To browse through folders just double click on them to see the files inside it.
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